The procedure to order meat from the Rough Creek Cattle Company is as follows:

Imported-Photos-00039After the yearlings have reached their suggested live weight (on the hoof) of approximately 800-1000 lbs, it will result in an approximate carcass weight (hanging or dressed weight) of 575 lbs to 625 lbs (live weight means on the hoof, carcass weight means hanging weight after being dressed). The carcass will be fully dry aged for 14 days before processing. You can pick up your order from Harvest House Farms after it has been fully dry aged, cut and boxed. Each cut will be either freezer wrapped or vacuum sealed and quick frozen to seal in the flavor and extend freezer life.

Rough Creek Cattle Company offers pre-ordered whole steer, sides of beef or quarters. A side of beef is 1/2 calf, and a quarter side of beef is a half side split 2 ways. There are 4 quarters per steer, and the Meat costs $650.00 per quarter steer or a side for $1200 from the Rough Creek Ranch to your butcher. The price of the meat may vary based on the cuts you choose. A quarter of a steer should net roughly 90 to 100 lbs of edible meat. To give an example, a typical family of 4 will consume one quarter steer in 6-8 months. We suggest freezer wrap if you will consume the meat within 6 months, and vacuum packed if you plan on keeping the meat longer than 6 months.

New from the Rough Creek Cattle Company is the "Box of Beef." The "Box of Beef" comes in 3 sizes: 20lb, 30lb, & 40lb. Half of the weight is ground beef, the rest is a variety of cuts. You can customize your box to add Grass-Fed Beef Jerky, fajita meat, oxtail beef bones, or other cuts. There may be additional charges depending on what cuts or items you personally request to be added to your box. Rough Creek Cattle Company will deliver your box for free within 10 miles of their Dripping Springs office or you can make an appointment to pick it up.

Costs: The Rough Creek Cattle Company only collects money for the meat, not the processing.

cattlewalkHarvest House Farms payments for processing are made directly to them and currently the charges are:

VACUUM PACK additional .70 per pound

FREEZER WRAP additional .60 per pound

Please Call Harvest House Farms to discuss with them your purchase. Kip or Nancy Thompson can be reached at 830-868-7253 or 830-868-1031.

We will personally deliver your steer to Harvest House Farms, a quality USDA inspected meat butcher in Johnson City, Texas.

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